Soft Drinks and Snacks

    • Soft Drinks

    • Local Traditionally Made Apple Juices

      £1.75 per glass
    • Warm Chaider

      £2.00 jug
    • Old Jamaica Ginger Beer

      £1.30 per can
    • R Whites Lemonade

      £1.30 per can
    • Schweppes Orange Juice

      £1.30 per btl
    • Fentimans Tonic

      £1.30 per btl
    • Schweppes Canadian Ginger Ale

      £0.60 per can
    • Miles Tea

      £1.50 per cup
    • Miles Columbian Coffee

      £2.50 per cafeteria

    • Bar Snacks

    • Bowl of Award winning Cheddar cheese & pickled shallots

    • Pickled onions

    • Salted Billtong Exmoor Beef

    • Crisps, Peanuts and Haribo Sweeties


Feel free to bring in Fish & Chips from next door to soak up the cider! – we’ll even supply a plate & forks if you wish.

We also have an arrangement with the local deli (Sam’s Deli) for Ploughman’s or Deli platters for 2 to be delivered. They will also deliver paninis, pie & mash & various snack items.